Like a Rolling Stone

“Bigbeat LIVE BOOTLEG” gift campaign

We, Bigbeat Inc. held a B2B marketing seminar “Bigbeat LIVE” in Tokyo last August.

There were more than 400 C-Level attendees joining the event, exchanging ideas about marketing in their companies.
And 4 well-known speakers in B2B Marketing Industry sharing about Change management with Marketing”
I think that it appears that top management has started to feel the necessity and possibility of marketing function.
Because we had ended the seminar with full seated.

Informally, Bigbeat edited the contents of four speakers and issued it as “BOOTLEG (pirated version)”.
It is “BOOTLEG”, because we are re-editing with our interpretation

However, because it is “BOOTLEG”, it is content that can convey the excitement of this seminar.
This time, we will present “Bigbeat LIVE BOOTLEG” to 100 people who cooperated with “B2B marketing survey”.
Please kindly see all about the unprecedented B2B marketing seminar that ended in a full seated.

“B2B marketing survey” is below >>> http://bit.ly/2uKvEKB

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